Paradise City Comic Con Videos

Paradise City Comic Con is an evolution out of Magic City Comic Con, now entering its third year in a much larger convention center in Fort Lauderdale. To see the content from our last event, check out the following panels, and visit our YouTube channel.

10. William Salyers as Rigby, Sam Marin as Pops, Benson AND Muscle Man, and Courtenay Taylor as Starla!

9. You may have missed doing the Timewarp…AGAIN, but, you can let this warm Rocky Horror reunion video wash over you like a warm hug.

8. Peter Davison was the 5th Doctor, and arguably the best dressed…

7. Courtenay Taylor and Brian Delaney voice your highly questionable Fallout 4 decisions.

6. Hodor and Loris Tyrell put their Game of Thrones feels on the table for you, Red Wedding style.

5. Austin Tindle is a stark contrast to his character Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul, but we’re excited that he’s excited.

4. Best known for his portrayal as the Green Ranger, he later became the White Ranger – even after Labor Day.

3. Known for his iconic role in “Dude Where’s My Car”, you might also know him from a little known show called “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

2. Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

  1. Dan and Dino announce Rick and Morty Season 3 details for the first time ever here at MCCC! How Schwifty. Shout-out to Nerdist for sharing this panel!