Kamui Cosplay

Svetlana Quindt (aka Kamui) is a professional cosplayer from Germany, who loves to create huge armor and props. Mind-bogglingly intricate and exquisitely constructed, Svetlana’s costumes include both armor and weapons, running the gamut from Warcraft to Diablo and even Aion. On her site you’ll find not only her current costume progress, but also selfmade tutorials, cosplay photos, upcoming events, links to her favorite shops, materials and much more.

Kamui has written books on all kinds of cosplay creation including incredible Worbla armor and patterns, detailed cosplay painting, and intricate props.

For more information and links to download her books, visit Kamui Cosplay’s Official Site.

AppearingKamui Cosplay will be appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. She will be located at Booth #430

Information will be posted shortly