Cosplay at Paradise City Comic Con

Paradise City welcomes all cosplayers, from beginners to masters, to participate in our Cosplay Track! We host four different contests during the show, each with their own individual twist. Looking to 1-up your skills? Then attend one of our many panels hosted by our Cosplay Guests on topics such as Wig Styling, Photo Posing, Makeup Tips, Worbla Techniques, Social Media, and more! Also, check out our Free Cosplay Photo Booth to take fun photos in your cosplay in front of backdrops.

You can enter the contests online by clicking on the event for more details, or in person by visiting our Cosplay Info Booth during the show.

All costumes must follow our Costume & Prop Policies, which can be found HERE:

Our Saturday Costume Contest has some Special Guests! CLICK HERE to meet your judges!