5 Ways to Meet Celebrities

YOU can meet celebrities at Paradise City Comic Con. This is your definitive guide for finding out how to get up close and personal with the superstars. CLICK HERE for the guest list: https://paradisecitycomiccon.com/all-guests-comic-con

VIP Cocktail Party
Most of our celebrities who appear on Friday will also show up to the VIP Cocktail Party. These parties are limited to 400 people, and the atmosphere is upbeat and casual. We’ll have a DJ, a bar where VIPs can get 2 free drinks, and a whole bunch of celebrities mingling with fans. CLICK HERE to purchase a VIP ticket https://paradisecitycomiccon.com/paradise-city-comic-con-tickets/

Celebrity Panels and Q&As
Every celebrity at Paradise City Comic Con will talk to fans from one of our stages. Most will also take questions from fans during their talk. 99% of these panels are included in the price of admission to the convention. On rare occasions, we get a limited engagement with a celebrity that requires an extra fee for the Q&A. If this happens, it will be clearly stated in the guest announcement. CLICK HERE for the celebrity panel schedule: https://register.growtix.com/schedule/paradise_city_comic_con_2018/Q%26As%3A_Celebrities?category=3920

Celebrity Autographs
Walk right up to a celebrity’s booth to buy an autograph for an item of your own or choose an 8×10 glossy photo from their table. Most celebrities will also offer a combo deal at their table that includes a selfie with them that you take on your own camera. Celebrities are usually at their booth when they are not at a panel, in a photo op, or at lunch or dinner. You can purchase autographs with cash at the celebrity’s booth. Plan on doing this in the morning or early afternoon of the day you are attending as celebrities may leave the exhibition hall to get dinner before it closes if there doesn’t seem to be anyone else waiting for them.

Celebrity Selfies (Tableside Photos)
Most celebrities will take a photo with you at their booth for a fee. We call these selfies, but you can have a friend or the celebrity’s handler take the picture if you want. This is a great way to get more time with your favorite stars, especially if you combine it with an autograph. You may purchase selfies with cash at the celebrity’s booth. Plan on doing this in the morning or early afternoon of the day you are attending as celebrities may leave the exhibition hall to get dinner before it closes if there doesn’t seem to be anyone else waiting for them.

Celebrity Photo Ops
The top celebrities at our event will be available for professional photo ops with you during scheduled sessions with a professional photographer. These photo ops come with an 8″x10″ glossy print available immediately after the photo is taken plus a digital image that you can download for free after the event. Extra prints are available for $10.

Every celebrity that takes professional photos with fans will be scheduled for a session on each of the days they appear at our show. You’ll need an admission ticket and a photo op ticket to get a photo op with the celebrity you want to meet. Be prepared to be present during exhibition room hours on one of the days the celebrity is scheduled to appear. These photo ops cannot be exchanged or refunded unless a celebrity cancels their appearance with the event, so be sure to be on time for one of the scheduled sessions.

You can purchase photo ops online in advance here: https://register.growtix.com/eh/paradise_city_comic_con_2018. They will also be available with cash onsite, if we don’t sell out of these limited opportunities before the event.

CLICK HERE for the photo op schedule: https://paradisecitycomiccon.com/celebrity-photo-ops-info/

Exhibition Room Hours:
Friday, 1:00PM – 8:00PM
Saturday, 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Sunday, 10:00AM – 6:30PM

GuestBoothFriday, Jan 12thSaturday, Jan 13thSunday, Jan 14thAutographSelfieComboProf Photo OpsGroup Prof Photo Op
Pilou AsbækS9XX$50$40$70$50
Cecil BaldwinS17XXX$20$10$25$30$50
Trace BeaulieuS15XXX$20$20$30X$80
Kira BucklandM7XXX1 Free Autograph
Feodor ChinS18XXX$20 for 8x10
$30 for 11x17
Frank ConniffS14XXX$20$20$30X$80
Bill CorbettS13XXX$20$10$30X$80
Wilson CruzS7XXX$40$20$50$80
Andy DickS28XXX1 Free AutographTBA
Erik EstradaS31XXX$40$40$60$45
Terry FarrellS6XXX$40$40$60$50
Mike FieldingS12XXX$30$20$40
Mick Foley S26XXTBATBA
Virginia GardnerS10XX$40$40$60$45$115
Caitlin GlassM2XXX1 Free Autograph
Randy HavensS21XXXTBATBA
Shazad LatifS8XX$40TBATBA$50$80
Mela LeeM8XXX1 Free Autograph
Chosen Jacobs S4XXX$30$30$40$45$150
Lloyd Kaufman407, 409XXX1 Free AutographTBA
Jaeden LieberherS3XXX$30$30$40$45$150
Josh MartinM4XXX1 Free Autograph
Matt Mercer M1XXX1 Free Autograph
Jamie MortellaroM6XXX1 Free Autograph
Chris Rager M5XXX1 Free Autograph
Wyatt OleffS2XXX$30$30$40$45$150
Ryan Sands S11XXX$30$30$50$45$115
Marina SirtisS5XX$40$40$70$50
Gregg SulkinS19XX$40$40$60$45$115
Penta El Zero M420XXXTBATBA
Symphony Sanders S16XXX$20$10$25$30$50
Scott SteinerS24XXXTBATBA$60
Dana SnyderS30XXX1 Free Autograph
Patricia SummersettM5XXX1 Free Autograph
Dino StamatopoulosS28XXX1 Free AutographTBA
Jeremy Ray TaylorS1XXX$30$30$40$45$150