Tara Reid

Tara Reid is best known for her roles as April in the Sharknado film series and Vicky in the American Pie film series.

Reid made her film debut in A Return to Salem’s Lot, and has starred in The Big Lebowski, Urban Legend, Dr. T & the Women, Josie and the Pussycats, Van Wilder, My Boss’s Daughter, and Alone in the Dark. She had her own reality travel show on the E! network called Taradise in 2005, was a housemate on the 2013 British reality series Celebrity Big Brother 8, and starred on the series Scrubs for a season.

Tara Reid will be appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Booth CR18.

Tara Reid autographs are $40.

Tara will be taking table side photos / selfies with fans on their own cameras at her booth for $40. You can purchase selfies at her booth at Paradise City Comic Con.

Tara Reid Professional Photo Ops are $50 and can be purchased at https://register.growtix.com/e/paradise_city_comic_con/5858

Tara will take part in a Q&A that is open to all attendees and included in the price of admission to Paradise City Comic Con.
Tara Reid will be appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There is a fee of $40 per Autograph and $40 for table side informal photos / selfies (with your own camera). Professional Photo Ops are $50. She will be taking part in a Q&A open to all attendees. Please keep an eye on the events page of this website for more info.