Sajad Shah

Sajad Shah has worked for IDW, Contraband Comics & Hound Comics. He is currently penciling the book “Zindan” soon to be released.

Born in Miami FL, Sajad began drawing at very young age. His love for Saturday Morning Cartoons compelled him to grab a pencil and paper and mimic what he loved. Throughout his younger years his skills developed and comic book art became a passion. As a self taught artist, Sajad began to post his work on line and a little while after was contacted by HoundComics CEO Brimstone and illustrated the title “Brimstone & the BorderHounds” which was his first published work. After penciling 8 issues he began concept work for storyboards. While doing so he has done multiple covers for Marat Mychaels ContraBand comics. In addition he has cover work for IDW’s book titled “Jinnrise”.

Sajad is currently prepping for his personal project soon to be announced and is currently penciling the book “Zindan” which is set to be released in the coming months. For more information of his work you can follow him on his social media below.

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