Kara Eberle

Kara Eberle is a voice actress and Internet personality best known for her role as Weiss Schnee in RWBY for Rooster Teeth Productions. Kara also lends her voice to the new video game, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse- introduced at RTX 2015 and currently available on Steam.

In addition to voice acting and interacting with fans, Kara works as an executive at Powerhouse Animation Studios, located in Austin, TX. She enjoys seeing all aspects of the animation world!

Kara Eberle will be taking part in scheduled autograph sessions, during which she will sign one FREE item per attendee. Additional items will be $10 per autograph.

Kara Eberle will be appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Booth CR23.

Kara Eberle will be sign one FREE autograph per attendee (per day) during scheduled autograph sessions. There will be a $10 Fee for additional autographs. You may bring items from home to be autographed or purchase items at the autograph table.