The Finest: A G.I. Joe Costume Club

The Finest: A G.I. Joe Costume Club (The Finest) is the world’s premier international G.I. Joe costuming club. Founded in 2007, we have expanded to include several hundred members in 40 states and six countries. The Finest celebrates the G.I. Joe universe through the creation and wearing of high-quality costumes and props based upon canon characters from the G.I. Joe universe.

Each year, Finest members appear and exhibit at more that 100 pop-culture conventions, parades, and other events worldwide. In the last three years, we have raised more than $30,000 for military- and veteran-based organizations, with all proceeds donated to organizations such as K9s For Warriors and the USO!

The Finest maintains a very high standard of professional-quality costumes. Our members spend considerable time, effort, and finances on creating highly-detailed costumes as accurately as possible, and given our global exposure and partnerships with high-profile charity organizations, The Finest insists upon a high standard of costume excellence.

Appearing The Finest will be appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They will be located at Booth #TBA