Elizabeth Maxwell

Elizabeth Maxwell is an actress and voice actress, best known for her roles as Ymir in Attack on Titan, Winter Schnee in RWBY, Bishamon in Noragami, Jenny Realight in Fairy Tail, Nikki in Camp Camp, Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Shaula Gorgon in Soul Eater Not!, Poe in Space Dandy, and Shakuyaku in One Piece.

Elizabeth also voices Jane Foster / Thor in Lego Marvel’s Avengers, Juli in Street Fighter V, Phoebe in Battleborn, Ashmedia in Trillion: God of Destruction, Time Patroller in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, Ianna in Skyforge, Kodama Himegami in Maken-ki! Two, Diane Hasekura in Prince of Stride: Alternative, Trow in Snow White with the Red Hair, Cyx in Nobunagun, and Kumacaron in Yurikuma Arashi.

Elizabeth Maxwell will be appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Booth CR21.

Elizabeth Maxwell will be sign one FREE autograph per attendee (per person) during scheduled autograph sessions. There will be a $10 Fee for additional autographs. You may bring items from home to be autographed or purchase items at the autograph table.