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Paradise City Comic Con showcases top comic book artists and creators. Some of the most legendary comic book artists of all time will be at the event to meet with fans and to talk about their experiences with the comic characters that they brought to life. In those meetups, fans can get an autograph and turn their favorite story into a lifelong treasure.

Jim STERANKO will make his first South Florida convention appearance at Paradise City Comic Con. STERANKO is a legendary illustrator, musician, art director, magician, fire-eater, designer, escape artist, filmmaker, pop-culture lecturer, and publisher, best known to fans for his work on Captain America, Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and The X-Men.

Returning comic legends include Neal Adams, Allen Bellman, José Delbo, Mike Grell, Bob Layton, George Pérez, and Roy Thomas. Each of these artists played an important part in molding superheroes into the characters we love on the big screen today. Bob Layton, for example, created the story of Iron Man that the movies are based on, and he was a consultant for the movies. Roy Thomas was the editor in chief of Marvel Comics while Stan Lee was the publisher in the 1970s and played a crucial role in shaping all of Marvel’s characters during that time.

Paradise City Comic Con will also feature prominent modern comic artists such as Mark Bagley, Robby Rodriguez, Tim Seeley, and Broward County’s very own Jeff Dekal who is currently painting some of the most dynamic covers for Marvel Comics. Dekal was discovered by Marvel Comics at Florida Supercon in 2013.