Bob Layton

Bob Layton is a writer, artist, screenwriter, and producer, best known for his comic book industry work as the quintessential Iron Man storyteller from 1978 to 1989, as well as the co-creator of War Machine, Scott Lang / Ant Man, The Huntress, and X-Factor. Bob was one of the architects of the Valiant universe, and served as Editor-in-Chief from1992 until 1995.

Bob launched the first mini-series in comics’ history with Hercules: Prince of Power and was instrumental in the original Secret Wars maxi-series. With over 5,000 comic credits to his name, Bob is a legend in the comic book industry. He recently returned to the new Valiant Comics as a cover artist and to create his first new series for them in 30 years—The Servant.

Dubbed the unofficial “King of Marvel Merchandising”, Bob’s art currently appears on over 10,000 individual products.

Bob currently works with Hollywood and the various Florida Film Commissions in developing properties for motion pictures and television. Layton has creative credits in seven Marvel films and a host of other television and movie acknowledgments while working with such stars as Academy Award Nominee Edward James Olmos, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, David Nutter (Flash, Arrow) and George Romero (Night of the Living Dead).


Bob Layton will be appearing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He will be located at Booth #1906.


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